j. martin

Recreating the memories of your hunt with passion, precision and pride.

West Kelowna, British Columbia

Wildlife taxidermist in West Kelowna, B.C.

J. Martin Taxidermy is based out of West Kelowna, B.C. offering a clean and modern facility fully equipped to to handle all your wildlife taxidermy needs. Servicing clients from all around the world, J. Martin Taxidermy is happy to take care of all necessary wildlife mount permits, crating, and inspections needed for international taxidermy export. Fully certified and insured by the CFIA, we can export trophies to clients worldwide.

For all your taxidermy needs

Shoulder Mounts

Our shoulder mounts are carefully crafted and sculptured in-house to delivery the most life like portrayal of your prized wildlife trophy.

Wildlife Rugs

J. Martin Taxidermy is committed to the tradition of quality wildlife hide rugs. This is a great, affordable way to enjoy your hunting harvest.

Lifesize Mounts

We believe a full mount captures the species in it's full beauty and presence. We custom sculpt every full mount manikin for you.

Unique Creations

Jesse specializes in unique custom mounts, action scenes and mounts that paint of picture of the animal in its natural environment.


Taxidermy work

  • Shoulder Mounts

  • Half Mounts

  • Lifesize Mounts

  • Waterfowl & Birds

  • Pedestals & Habitat

  • Euro Mounts

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